In lieu of Superman

Last night, Joel, Lindsay and Nikki went to see that new Superman movie. Since I’m not a fan of that particular genre, I agreed to stay home and keep the twins,

who stayed busy playing some sort of Lego Indiana Jones game, and

the girl…who just stayed busy.



She had her little hands on a lot of things.


Then finally the double nine

and Josie took a little nap.
When she woke up, she wasn’t real happy, but we went out on the porch to watch it rain, and that seemed to solve the problem. Then I convinced her to watch a little Andy Stanley

with me…very little.
By that time,

Hudson was through with the game and on to something else.
Denton, who for whatever reason, had been wearing

his pants wrong side out, said,

“Hudson, if you don’t play this game with me, I’m gonna pack up and leave!” Hudson didn’t pay him any mind. Then, with a swipe of his hand, Denton said,

“O.k. that’s it!”
Whatever ‘it’ was must have taken place in another realm, because in the physical, I didn’t notice a difference.
If Denton had wanted someone to play the game with him he should have asked the girl.

She was on the couch locked and loaded.

Riding in style

Now, about those girls from New York…

Katie graduated from the University of Buffalo, on Mother’s Day, with a degree in Medical and Physical Anthropology. The day that Joel and I return from Alaska, she leaves for India to participate in something called Operation Groundswell.

Lindsay has one more year at the same university before she earns her degree in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on museum studies. But until then, we get to have her here, because SHE GOT A SUMMER JOB!

She is working as a receptionist at Woodworth Family Medicine, which is a half mile from my house. And do you know what that means? That means that she can drive a golf cart to work, which if you remember, is larger than the vehicle that brought her here in the first place.
This morning I cleaned up one of the carts for her.

I even made it official by adding a license plate. All I have left to do is get one of those Duck Dynasty bobble-head dolls for the dash, and she’ll be riding to work in style.

Slowing down for takeoff

No new projects for this week. On the 24th we leave for the peaceful shores of Daniels Lake

in Nikiski, Alaska, and I don’t want to be worn out when I board the plane.
I think I have everything set up with the animals so that they can be easily cared for in my absence. Sassafras and Polk Salad Annie have made friends

and I was able to remove the divider and allow them the share the whole pen.
Vegetables are starting to come in,




so someone will have to be in charge of the produce department. Perhaps one of those two girls from New York. That is,

if they can manage to keep their heads out of the clouds. This is what they did yesterday, and they haven’t quite come down yet.
For the next seven days, I think I’m going to just really enjoy my little piece of heaven. Maybe I’ll get caught up on a few things that I have let slide, and since it is so hot, I might do a little painting. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased some small canvases, and perhaps its time to capture some of those daylilies

that I can see from my kitchen window.
At any rate, I’ll be slowing down for takeoff.

Wouldn’t you know

Yesterday morning I drove the boys to Vacation Bible School. Of course they talked the whole way, but about half-way there, the subject of ‘nerds’ came up. Neither one of them really had a grip on what a nerd is, so I tried to explain the concept the best way I could. When I finished, Hudson said, “Denton’s a nerd”. Then Denton said, “Yes, and when I grow up, I’m going to be a scientist. And when I turn into a scientist, I’m going to make a ‘light savor’ and it’s going be blue”. Hudson replied, “Well be careful cause you know magic is of the devil”. To which Denton said, “I know, but it won’t be magic”.
Right after that I turned into the church parking lot

and let those two out.
I headed to Alexandria to get a piece of gutter for my day’s project. Recently I moved the two rabbits, Sassafras and Polk Salad Annie, to a double cage that I put in the woodshed. I did that so that when I go to Alaska, it will be easier on whoever takes care of them. And, I thought that this way they could get used to each other and become friends. However, they were making a mess where Joel will be stacking wood for the winter, so I thought I’d take care of that problem before it got any worse.
I constructed a rabbit poop collection apparatus. When they use the bathroom

it will roll down this board and into the gutter. From there it will go into the bucket.
Usually rabbits are like out of control gum machines making deposits when and wherever they go.
I was excited to see how my rabbit poop collection system was going to work, so I made frequent visits to the woodshed. And, wouldn’t you know

that those rabbits held it all day long.

What do ya say?

Yesterday evening the boys were on the golf cart. Well, actually, we were all on the golf cart when Hudson announced that he was going to marry Haley Crane. And that would be no big deal, but Hudson is six and Haley is nineteen. Denton said, “Hudson, she’s going to be an old lady by the time you’re grown!” To which Hudson said, ” Don’t you remember what God told that old man and old lady in the Bible? He told them that they could have a baby when they were old, so I can have one too.” Then Denton said, “Hudson! They were blessed…and YOU are not blessed!”
So, what do ya say to that?

Round-up zone

Yesterday afternoon Ramona Van Mol stopped by

completely unaware that she was about to enter the duck round-up zone. To tell you the truth, it was a good thing she showed up, because that girl can get serious about catching ducks.
She actually started out as a spectator, but before long,

she was right in the middle of it all.

She even took the net

and headed for the thick of things. And you know what?

That one was handed off

to Donna, who hung onto the thing and watched hysterically from the sidelines

while the other ducks were caught.
Then came

the victory parade, followed by

the descent to the duck deck and the actual release. I don’t have pictures of the ducks on the deck because they just

ran right through that little house and jumped off into the water… just that quick.
But that’s alright because they’ll come around. But for now,

they are enjoying their big water.